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Sarah or Sydney Giles

Bushey Heath

Postcards 1903-1906


Old Herts




S. Giles


Bushey Heath


This newsagent clearly sold post cards and the picture comes from a card with a back suggesting a date of 1903-4, although it was not posted until 1907.


A number of cards are known, including this one, which have the publisher name as:

S. Giles, Bushey


S. Giles was probably Mrs Sarah Giles, wife of a Metropolitan policeman, as her son Sydney was probably a bit too young to run the shop..

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about 1885   Sydney William Giles birth registered in Hampstead, London
1891   Sydney Giles (5, born Hampstead, London) was  living at the Elms Lodge, Aldenham, with parents Charles (39, metropolitan police constable, born Marylebone, London) and Sarah (39, born Shoreditch, London and siblings Charles (13, born Paddington, ), Beatrice (21, Born Hampstead), Albert (8, born Hampstead) and Gertrude (3, born Bushey.)
1901   Sydney Giles (15, born Hampstead) was a wood carver living at 56 Merry Hill Mount, Bushey, with parents Charles (49, metropolitan police constable) and Sarah (49) and siblings Charles (23, bricklayer), Beatrice (21), Albert (18, plumber) and Gertrude (13).
Circa 1903  




Sparrows Hearne. Bushey Heath


Two versions of this card are known - which are identical except that the back of one has the additional words:

S. Giles, Bushey



The backs of these three Giles cards suggest a publication date of around 1903

Circa 1903  

Greetings from Bushey


High Street, Bushey

Circa 1905  

The Old Forge, Bushey

Posted 1911


All three cards have identical backs and were published by

S. Giles, Bushey.


 The message wording suggests a publication date of circa 1905


High Street, Bushey - posted 1910

Building on left marked as Bushey College


St Peter's, Bushey Heath - posted 1910

Small building with cross is Elstree Cottage

1908   Marriage of Beatrice Amy Giles to Henry Eden, and on the same page Gertrude Maria Giles to Charles Alfred Hughes, registered at Watford (June)
1908   Miss Beatrice Giles, newsagent, 52 [sic] High Street, Bushey
1908   Marriage of Sydney William Giles and Edith May Darling registered at Watford (June)
1908   Marriage of Charles John Giles and Ester Annie Horsnell registered at Watford (September)
1911   Charles Samuel Giles (59, Police Pensioner) and his wife Sarah Ann (59), together their son Charles John Giles (33, bricklayer) and his family were living at 14 Charles Street, Brighton.
1911   Henry Eden (28, shopkeeper, tobacconist) and his wife Beatrice Amy Eden [nee Giles] (30, confectioner, stationer) were living at 42 High Street, Bushey
1911   Sydney William Giles (26, tobacconist, born Hampstead) and his wife Edith May [Durling](married 3 years) were with his brother-in-law, Harry William Durling in Fulham.
1912   Mrs Beatrice Eden, newsagent, 42 High Street, Bushey
1914   Mrs Beatrice Eden, newsagent, 42 High Street, Bushey
1917   Mrs Beatrice Eden, newsagent, 42 High Street, Bushey
1917   Sydney William Giles, of Kit Silano, Vancouver, Canada, died in France 8th November, 1917. Administration on 26th July, 1918, to George Durling, the attorney of Edith May Giles.
1922   Patrick Feery, Newsagent, 42 High Street, Bushey
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