Hertfordshire Postcard Artists, Photographers, Publishers, etc.

Jerome Ltd

(Between the Wars to 1950s)


Jerome Ltd was a chain of photographic shops across Great Britain between the wars but is reported to have been still in operation in the 1950s. Online information of Jerome Ltd suggests that many of the surviving post card examples appear to be studio portraits (mainly from the 1930s) and these apparently have date information on the back.

Unfortunately the two view post cards I have so far traced relating to Herts are not dated and the backs do not indicated which branch produced the photo. There is no Jerome Ltd listed under "Photographers" in the 1922, 1926, 1932 and 1937 Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire. In fact the known Hertfordshire views might be amateur photographs developed and printed by Jerome Ltd.


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"The Japanese Garden at Cheynes, Cottered, Hertfordshire"

Identified by rubber stamp on the back.

  Other Known Examples

The Hut, High Leigh,

Hoddesdon, Herts

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