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J J & W F Southwood

1900-1930 (approx)

of Watford


Carte de Visite

Unidentified Woman


Fine Art Studio

J J Southwood

9 Woodford Road, Watford


Date probably about 1900, prior to move to 46 Woodford Road.


Identical back recorded on Cabinet Card

  Back of CDV by Joseph James Southwood of Watford

Time Line for  Joseph James and William Frederick Southwood

Year Source Data
1870 FreeBMD Joseph James Southwood born in Kentish Town
1878 FreeBMD William Frederick Southwood born in Bushey
1881 Census Joseph J[ohn] Southwood (Railway Clerk, aged 43, born Wellington Somerset) was living in 42 Weymouth Street, Watford with his wife Louisa C (32, born Middlesex) and eight children.
1890 Directory [nothing in Watford]
1891 Census Joseph J[ohn] Southwood was still at 42 Weymouth Street, but now described as a political agent, with two additional children. His son Joseph J Southwood (21, born Kentish Town, London) was described as a chemist's clerk. William F Southwood (12, born Bushey) was still a scholar.
1899 Directory Southwood, Joseph John Drake, 48 Weymouth Street, Watford
1899 FreeBMD Joseph James Southwood married Minnie Dowse in the Watford area.
1901 Census Joseph J[ohn] D Southwood, living on own means, was now living at 17 Denmark Street, Watford with Louisa and five children including Mary V Southwood (24, born Bushey) an ivory portrait painter, and William F Southwood, a photographer's artist.
Joseph J[ames] Southwood, photographic printer, was now married to Minnie (33, born South Lambeth, London) and was living at 9 Woodford Road, Watford.
1902 Directory Southwood Joseph James, photographer 46 Woodford Road, Watford
1903 FreeBMD William Frederick Southwood married Edith Blanche T Prickett in the Headington (Bucks/Oxon) area
circa 1905  

"Watford Series" post cards issued linked to the London View Company


The Market Place, Watford

On London View Co Multiview card

1909 Directory Southwood Joseph James, photographer 46 Woodford Road, Watford
1911 Census Louisa Caroline Southwood (widow) was living at 4 Francis Road, Watford, with two children and two grandchildren
Joseph James Southwood is described as a retired photographer, living with Minnie at 19 Francis Road, Watford,
William Frederick Southwood, photographer, was living at 46 Woodford Road, Watford with his wife Edith Blanch Theresa Southwood and 2 children.
1912 Directory Southwood Wm. Fredk., photographer, 40 Market Street, Watford
1922 Directory Southwood Wm. Fredk., photographer, 40 Market Street, Watford
1929 Directory Southwood Wm. Fredk., photographer, 40 Market Street, Watford
1933 Directory Southwood Wm. F. refreshment rooms, 62 Market Street, Watford
1934 FreeBMD Joseph J[ames] Southwood died in Watford area.
1937 Directory [nothing in Watford]
1952 FreeBMD William F Southwood died in the Watford area

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Cabinet Card of the

Rev. Henry Goodwin


"Goodwin father of Edward Goodwin"


J J Southwood

46 Woodford Road, Watford


Date circa 1904

(Henry Godwin died 1908)

"The Watford Series" of Post Cards


  The Avenue, Watford, by Southwood

The Park Gates, Watford

J. J. Southwood. "Watford Series"

Identical to London View Co card


The Avenue, Watford

J. J. Southwood. "Watford Series"

Portrait of woman in confirmation dress

Photographed by W F Southwood, 40 Market Street, Watford, late Woodford Road.

Circa 1911


What is this name?


One guess - could it be Frances Honey, 47, Asylum Nurse, M A B, boarding at Martin Square, Abbots Langley, in 1911?

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