The Satire Series

(and Christmas Cards)

by "Dauber"

A pseudonym used by Fred Spurgin

A very distinctive set of cards, signed with the pseudonym "Dauber," published from about June 1909 by Watkins & Krake, with the very distinctive "1d postage applies" wording on the back.

For a discussion about the back of the cards see 1d postage applies



Signed Dauber


All cards have, in the left margin:

The Satire Series No [xx] Copyright Printed in England

Published at 51 and 52 Beech Street, London


Will you love me in December as you do in May?

Signed Dauber

The Satire Series No 1


  Her First Pair!

Signed Dauber

The Satire Series No 1

June 1909


A woman's tongue is her sword

P.S. And she never suffers it to rust

Signed Dauber

The Satire Series No 7

I hear you're making a big splash

The Satire Series No 8

10 October 1909


Landlady - Tell me any time you want a bath, and I'll see you have it!

The Satire Series No 12

24 December 1909



I hear you've something soft in hand!

The Satire Series No 13


A Merry Christmas

We're off at the week-end!

The Satire Series No 16

7 February 1910

[Also with printed Xmas message]

Love laughs at Lock-jaw

The Satire Series No 17


We've got no money but we do see life

The Satire Series No 19


I'm putting my whole soul into it!

The Satire Series No 20

14 & 21 September 1909

A Sadder and a wiser man,

He rose the morrow morn.

The Ancient Mariner

The Satire Series No 21


At the Three Bawls!

The Satire Series No 23

12 October 1909


Breathers there the man with soul so dead.

Who never to himself has said

"I don't care if there's a girl there."

The Satire Series No 24?

25 August 1909

We were discussing beer the other night so

must apologise for bring up the subject

The Satire Series No 31



Can't get away from my work.

Shall have more time soon

The Satire Series No 33

31 August 1910

I wish they'd do it now!

The Satire Series No36


Does your Mother know you're out?

The Satire Series No 37

12 October 1909


Some girls don't mind suffering from Congestion of the lungs.

The Satire Series No 38

7 September 1909

4 June 1910

23 November 1911

Excuse me, is this a Waltz or a Polka?

The Satire Series No 43


There is more in this than meets the eye!

The Satire Series No 44


A business with a big turnover!

The Satire Series No 52

What can an old girl do but dye!

The Satire Series No 53


The series appears to have simply switched to the

Paternoster Series


This is where your money goes!

The Paternoster Series No 55


May I present you with a Pair of Kids?

The Paternoster Series No 57

26 August 1910

What is the meaning of this underhand behaviour

The Paternoster Series  No 63


My time is valuable

The Paternoster Series

No 65


Soled out?

The Paternoster Series No 66

Satire Series - Number unknown

You do love yourself

don't you!

The Satire Series No ??


I have a fat banking account by me now.

The Satire Series No ??


I can always lay my hand on a few hundred pounds.

The Satire Series No ??

The shins of society


As your hair grows whiter it will cost you more!


These 5 cards came as a single ebay lot and have plain backs, so the original publication details are not available.


It could be either that they are proofs of the original issue or are modern reproductions.


However "Don't Worry" is known as a normal Satire Series card and it is assumed all are in the Satire Series.



Don't Worry! I have Millions at the back of me!

Reprinted as numbered 412[PC. I]  

England Expects that every man this day will do his duty!


Oh. Oh. Antonio

he's gone away


I am sending these along as I hear your going strong!

Christmas Cards- No series name

May Christmas be full of good things

Series No 900

Printed in Saxony

22 December 1909


Note: A small packet of "Seidlitz Powder" attached.

  A Merry Christmas hoping you're in for a fat lump of good Luck

Series No 9003?

Printed in Saxony

23 December 1909


Merry  Xmas

Series No 905

Printed in Saxony

23 December 1909

When the feast is getting festive

And laughs are growing louder

You'll thank me very kindly

For this little Seidlitz Powder


Better than Turkey that's plenty of meat on

Is something like this to warm your cold feet on.


May you be surrounded by all that is pleasant

(How to do it. I give you a tip,)

So have a good taste, no tie like the present,

But don't give us much of your lip.

A Christmas Greeting!

Hark! the herald angels sing


11 December 1909


A Jolly Christmas hoping everything will go down alright



Christmas cones but once a year

so hope you'll keep it up!

23 December 1910

Nay perfect Peace and Harmony

Be yours this day, old boy

And no one throw cold water

On your Merry Song of Joy


Eat Well. drink well, but don't be silly

And fathers pants will soon fit Willie


May you not have any

Petty worries this Xmas

Hoping you'll be up to scratch this Xmas



Hoping you'll spend a nice time this Xmas, and sew-on

Series No 801

Note: The button is a real button stuck to the card.


A Merry Christmas and may everything end up 'fine'

Series No 919

May the finger of Time only trace,

Lines of Happiness on your face,

And as the Seasons go faster & faster,

May all your friends stick to you like plaster


You needn't keep up Xmas

Appearances or Riches

But I'm sending you a Button

For you must keep up your ____


May you realize everything

Your Heart is keen on

And whenever in need

Find a good friend to lean on

Christmas Cards - No publisher, series name or serial  number

May you be full of good spirits this Xmas (as usual)


I think the above is a very good reason

Why you should (s)port the blue ribbon this season

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