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This area of the research has proved to be an interesting blind alley.

An unconventional set of comic cards were published by E. R. Green & Co of Blackpool in the "Victoria Series." They were signed "Syllikuss" and all appeared in the summer of 1909.

At the start of the research it was thought that the cards might be by the same artist as Karaktus for the following reasons.

  • The cards seem to represent n experimental series which was never repeated - just like the Crown Publishing Company cards signed by Karaktus. So might the cards have been drawn by the same artist?

  • The Syllikuss series is first recorded in April 1909, shortly after the last Karaktus cards, and stops shortly before Spurgin started using his own name as a signature.

  • Both Karaktus and Syllikuss cards used current music hall songs in 1909 - and one American song used by Spurgin? in the USA in 1908 also appears of a Syllikuss card - although with a very different approach.

  • The original Crown Series cards and the Syllikus cards were both printed on the same verbose "1d postage applies" back used by Delittle, Fenwick & Co. Ltd.

  • No one seems to have suggested another identity for Syllikuss.

While these factors justified a further examination, an in-depth study revealed evidence that makes any link between Syllikuss and Karaktus (and hence Fred Spurgin) much less likely.

Shortly before the Syllikuss cars appeared published comic cards by Teddy Ashton. Most showed the romance between Sammy and Sally but one card of a baby's bottle was totally different. This suggests that Teddy Aston was exploring different forms of comic cards, so might have been Syllikuss.

The evidence of A Possible "Red Herring" at Blackpool is also very relevant. The Syllikuss card "Just a line from ...." turns out to be a modified version of a picture widely used in about 1906 by a Liverpool company (Brown & Rawcliffe Ltd.) on a series of cards with the coats of arms of a wide range of seaside resorts. There is no reason to link Karaktus (or Fred Spurgin) with these earlier cards - which make it more likely that Syllikuss was a Lancashire artist.

While the question of the identity of "Syllikuss" has not been established (see Further Research) the answer is no longer considered relevant to investigating the link between the Crown Publishing Company of St Albans and Fred Spurgin.

Eh! If Ah could only lose T'Missus for a bit  -  75  Posted July 1909


Stout Lady to Little Boy: "Get up my lad and let one of those ladies sit down"  Little Boy. "G'arn. get up yerself and let 'em all sit down"

78 - Posted 20 & 30 April 1909

Father always likes his back scrubbed on Bath Nights

79 - Posted 30 June 1909

Frolics at the Rink - Oh Save me Willie

80- Posted 19 August 1909

Frolics at the Rink

One is never responsible for one's actions at the rink

81 - Posted 9 August 1909

Frolics at the Rink -

Pa and Family on Skates - Pa develops a speed of 30 Miles an hour and finishes up through a brick wall    


That'sh all Ri Hic. Try for the middle one! But which blamed hand shall I use!


13 August 1909 

You don't know Nellie as I know Nellie

said the saucy little bird in Nellie's hat  [Song]


A Gentleman of well cut features


Posted 1911?


[Also with the following text:

"I'm Kelly, a gentleman of well cut features from the Isle of Man" 1909]

Just like home made love to the cook next door


4 August 1909

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How my Missus plants tiny seeds of love


John Willie - Come On!

91 - Posted 26 July, 4 & 10 August  & 17 Sept 1909

The Childrens Act - The barman is sent out to mind the kids

92 - Posted [23 August 1909]

13 September 1909


"Lead us not into Temptation"

93 Posted 29 September 1909

[2 August 1910]


Published by E R G & Co, Blackpool

No 93

Victoria Series

The Publisher is E R Green & Co, Victoria Street, Blackpool

Frolics at the Rink - And his Days work was done [Song]

94 - Posted 19 & 30 August 1909

Victoria Series


Early view cards (1907) unnumbered

4 - 20 August 1909 (comic unsigned)

11 - 8 September 1908 (view)

14 - ?? September 1908 (view)

48 - 24 September 1908 (view)

65 [Teddy Aston's Copyright dated 25/9/08] (comic)

68 [Teddy Aston's Copyright] (comic)

221 - 14 September 1909 (view) 

Missing numbers

???, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, ???,

What Mary Sang - Put me on an Island where the girls are few [song]

96 - Posted 11 & 30 August 1909

Musical Hall song by Will Letters, sung by Wilkie Bard, Drury Lane, London 1900

As we sat on the end of the pier  [song]


Just a line from ____

99 - Posted 20 March, 1912

[Also Just a line from BLACKPOOL]

See A Possible "Red Herring" at Blackpool.

Send me some more money - only a copper left

100 - posted 1910

Newly Married Couple

He: Where can we get lodgings Pet?

She (impatiently): Anywhere will do [song]  101 - Unposted

["Anywhere will do" by Harry Castling & Fred Godfrey, 1908]

Where's your luggage Mac?

Mac: I've lost it - Lost it where?

Mac: The cork came out!

102 - Posted 16 August 1909


"Put me amongst the Girls"

103 - Posted 16 August 1911

Music hall song by C.. W Murphy & Dan Lipton, sung by Chas. R. Whittle, London 1907

Never mind me - Save the Ladies

104 - Posted 12 & 14 August 190

Eight more "Dreadnaught's"


We have arrived

??? Posted 1910

Frolics at the Rink - Hold me tight Girls - Beastly Slipperary by Jove  ???

Hints to Skaters - Don't Swank 


This page is provided to help card collectors identify cards by Syllikuss so it will help everyone if you can fill in gaps by providing picture titles (and numbers), thumbnail pictures (250 pixel long), and date of posting information.

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This Hertfordshire Genealogy web  site provides practical example of case studies into  local and genealogical research and this page is part of an in-depth study relating to a short-lived St Albans company which published post cards in 1908/9. While I don't have the time to carry out further research on Syllikuss I will be happy to update this page (as long as old age and resources allow) if you have useful information to add.