"J Mandel & Co"


For a brief period in 1906 and 1907 this London-based company was issuing post cards, and was apparently linked to the firm of Mandel & Salomon, Incandescent Mantle Factors, of 119 Houndsditch, London, EC.

[The Law]

Good Pie, Little Girl, Good Pie

J M(andel) & Co

?? November 1906

[The Law]

The Police Inspect 'er

J M(andel) & Co

(Early Saxony)



Waiting for the Mails

J M & Co, London

Early Saxony back

12 December 1906

Other Cards issues by J Mandel & Co


A number of J Mandel's cards were published in the "London Series" with a very distinctive back including the Phoebos-Apollon logo...

Poet's Corner, Manchester


There are also a series of sports cards, such as this one, with more normal backs