"Series 309x" - probably some by "F S"

These are variants of the common writing space card with a series number 3093-3099 added to the left hand reverse side margin, and in some cases the name of the publisher Vertigen. Earliest date so far recorded August 1913.

One card relates to "The Typist" series drawn by "F W P" and published by Vertigen. I have been unable to identify this artist and the possibility of it being a pseudonym for "F S" when working for Vertigen cannot be ruled out..

While none are yet known with a direct signed "F S" connection, most appear to be in "F S" style and most appear with alternative backs and are almost certainly by him.  See "Unsigned cards 1907-1916"

[Series number sometimes along bottom in lower left hand corner]

I saw these last night

Are they yours

Series 3093



Many different versions - See Unknown Green Back Publisher

The Typist- A typewriter saves time & makes work a pleasure

[Unsigned F V P]


Also without number

A framed signed version is also known by Vertigen with an Early Saxony back.

Vertigen Series 3094


Old Mother Hubbard she went to the cupboard

Series 3096

 18 September 1913

If that's how woman ought to look, I fear they made a howling mess of you, my dear.

Series 3096

14 April 1914

There was a young bandsman of Dee,

Tried to play with a girl on his knee

But the point of the joke

Is he struck the wrong note

And the wedding's on Thursday at 3.

Series 3096


Here is where the Milkman comes in


See also Milkman

Series 3097


All through walking with a soldier

Series 3097


The Old Maid's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I wish I had a man to keep,

If there's one beneath my bed,

I hope he heard each word I said.


Series 3097


The theme of this card is has been repeated in many ways, but it is interesting to note that the words here are identical to an earlier American card which is

 "Copyright 1906  A C S"

Flea with me Beloved


See also Fleas

Series 3098


Some one has been there before him!


Also Postcard PC II No 429

Series 3098

[Also same back with no Series number]

(August 1913)

But there's always room for a girl

Series 3099

[Also same back with no Series number]