The London Gunners Come to Town

by Bertha and Chris Reynolds


The London Gunners come to Town

Life and Death in Hemel Hempstead in the Great War

Sections and Chapters

Hemel Fire Engine circa 1910

Before the War

1: The Last Summer

Louis Wain picture from one of Bertha's Books from the period

Childhood Memories

2: Early Days
3: Life at Home
4: Schooling and Childhood Friends
5: The Local Shops
6: A Stroll Around Hemel Hempstead
7: Events and Holidays
8: A Child’s View of the War

The Council at War

9: The Troops Arrive
10: Military Service and Staff Shortages
11: The Camp at Gadebridge
12: Street Lighting and Air Raids
13: Food Shortages and German Prisoners
14: Normal Council Activities
15: Supporting the War Effort

The Battle of Loos - Where Major Gordon won his D.S.O.
(not coloured in book)

The Soldier’s Tale

16: To War Stations at Hemel Hempstead
17: Training at Hemel Hempstead

see extracts The Fair Sex, Military Exercises and The Battle for the Ford
18: Military Events and Excursions
19: The First Year at the Front
20: From Hemel Hempstead to France
21: From Loos to High Wood
22: The Later Troops at Hemel Hempstead
23: Lt. Col. Gordon and the 235th Brigade
24: Fighting to the End

After the War

25: The Problems Continue
26: Envoi


Hemel Hempstead in 1917
The Council in 1914-1918
The Organisation of the London Territorial Force
Who’s Who in the Royal Field Artillery
"In The Trenches"
The Inns of Court at Berkhamsted
Notes on Sources Used


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Occupation Index
Hemel Hempstead Street Index
Place Index
Western Front Index
Military Index
General Index

Chapter 5 of this book has been reprinted, in an edited form, as A Walk along the High Street: Hemel Hempstead 85 years ago.

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The London Gunners come to Town

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