Poaching and Petty Thieving in St Albans

A Talk by Chris Reynolds

Rather than select a series of isolated incidents I have decided to concentrate on a single family

The Stratton Family

Head of family:

James "Deaf" Stratton (1807-1887)

Living in Christopher Yard (1841 & 1851), Dog Yard (1861 & 1871)

In St Albans Prison in 1851 & 1871

In Parkhurst Prison, Isle of White in 1881

Most of the information on crimes comes from court reports in the  St Albans Times and Hertfordshire Advertiser (Herts Advertiser for short) between 1858 and 1900

Sampled Data: Selected newspaper issues from all relevant years have been examined but it is likely that only about 25% of the incidents involving the family have been recorded.

Family information is from census returns and information provided by a relative, Andy Stratton.

 Note: In both the 1851 and 1871 censuses James Stratton  was listed "at home and "in prison".

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