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Many Genealogy web sites are continually being updated and it is impossible for me to monitor all these changes. You should therefore visit this web site to discover the facilities currently offered.


The following message appeared on the SOG-UK list on 6th August 2001:

Archives in Focus (http://www.hmc.gov.uk/focus), a new website of the Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC) has recently been launched. Archives in Focus aims to provide an accessible introduction to archives in the UK for those with no previous experience of using them. The site includes a section on family history research, which looks at commonly used sources, explains how resources at HMC can be used and provides links to other sites and a bibliography of published sources. There is also a Noticeboard section which includes details of family history conferences and other events, and of courses and other events of relevance to family historians.

HMC would be pleased to receive comments on the site and details of any events being held which we could publicise in the Noticeboard section. Please e-mail us: focus@hmc.gov.uk, or write: Historical Manuscripts Commission, Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP.

I have visited the site and it looks good, with useful links including one to a history teaching site run by HALS which uses examples based on Stevenage, Tring and Hoddesdon.

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