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Many Genealogy web sites are continually being updated and it is impossible for me to monitor all these changes. You should therefore visit this web site to discover the facilities currently offered.

Significant online auction site - useful for buying (and selling) books, maps, postcards, prints, ephemera, etc. It is a good place to search for post cards of the church where your ancestors were baptised, married or buried, and also more general shots of the area. Virtually all of the post card images on this web site were purchased in this way. In addition other material such as schoolsmaps, engravings, books & booklets and other ephemera have often been sourced in this way.

It can also be useful for awkward searches - For instance it was used to find out about postcards in the "S & W series" in order to locate the Anchor Inn, Eastwick.

Where it has not been possible to acquire the original but an image is available on google (frequently as a past sale on a site such as ebay) I have used a large thumb sized image as a place holder - so that anyone visiting my site knows what to look out for.

I sometimes sell off surplus material from my Hertfordshire Collection - and also other material from other sections of my library. Such sales are likely to be more common in future as I may have to downsize my collection if health considerations mean that we have to move house. My ebay identity is Chris_from_Hertfordshire.