Many Genealogy web sites are continually being updated and it is impossible for me to monitor all these changes. You should therefore visit this web site to discover the facilities currently offered.

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Genes Reunited



This web site started as a way of sharing family trees and tracing down living cousins - perhaps many times removed. Over the years it has expanded and now also includes access to census returns and other records which are also available on other sites.

My own experience with the family trees suggests that many of the people who use it are more interested in collecting as many names on their tree as possible, copying information from other trees without checking, and the accuracy often suffers badly. It only takes one person to make a mistake and soon the wrong information is copied onto a large number of other people's trees.

 (see The Dangers of Internet Genealogy.)


Because I do not have time (or money to pay subscriptions) to check out every Genealogy web site why not  

Tell me about it

if you have found serious errors on family trees connected with Hertfordshire.


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