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Shire Books


Shire books publish a wide range of pocket sized guides on a very wide range of topics which are invaluable in find out about life in the past - and there are almost certainly some titles which will fill you in with the background. Titles which I have which I found useful (they may not always be still in print) are:

Bricks and Brickmaking, by Martin Hammond, 1981

Dairying Bygones, by Arthur Ingram, 1997

Discovering Horse-drawn Vehicles, by D J Smith, 1994 - This is one of the large books (176 pages) and provides a very useful introduction on the subject.

Straw & Straw Craftsmen, by Arthur Staniforth, 1991

Turnpike Roads, by Geoffrey N Wright, 1997

The Victorian Workhouse, by Trevor May, 1997

Visit their current site for a very long list of current titles.

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