The Grove School, Watford

[and Moreton House School, Dunstable]


Grove & Morton House Schools


Moreton House School

School Poetry


Ten Little Zeppelins

Ten little Zeppelins

    Flying in a line,

One got far out to sea,

    Then there were nine.


Five little Zeppelin

    Making such a roar,

One exploded with a bang,

    Then there were four.

Nine little Zeppelins

    Flying rather late,

One had a dreadful end,

    Then there were eight.


Four little Zeppelins

    Buzzing like a bee,

The R.F.C. caused one to squirm,

    Then there were three.

Eight little Zeppelins

    Flying up to Heaven,

One pilot had a smash,

    Then there were seven


Three little Zeppelin

    Bombing Sister Sue.

She stuck a pin in one,

   Then there were two.

Seven little Zeppelins

    Admiring English ricks,

One got hay-fever bad,

    Then there were six.


Two little Zeppelins

    Frightened by the gun,

One made off for Germany,

    Then there was one.

Six little Zeppelins

     Made a swanky dive,

One took it much too low,

    Then there ware five.


One little Zeppelin

    Feeling very lonesome,

English gun shot high and sure

    Gave it back its ownsome.




The following were published in the Autumn 1917 issues of The Mortonia in a section headed "A Little Budget of Poems from the Fourth"


by I Farmborough


All thro' those awful Huns,

We can't get sugared buns,

We're not allowed to take

Our usual" dose" of cake.


And then again there's bread,

I daresay we've all read

How much we are allowed

To eat, no more we've vowed.


Then meat is just the same,

No matter what its name;

We're just allowed so much,

And more we must'nt touch.


The scarcity in eggs

(Our fowls won't bend their legs)

Requires us to forego

What wounded want, we know.


It all amounts to this:

Make not mere eating bliss;

Eat just enough to live,

The rest for England give.

Little Silly Willy wanted some loot.

What shall we give him? Try the boot.

Let him fight Tommy again and again,

How can he conquer without any brain.


Write, write, what shall I write?

A letter for France to go to-night.

Make, make, what shall I make?

Tommy is fond of a nice plum cake.


Sing, sing, what shall we sing?

Rule Britannia and God Save the King!

Do, do, what shall we do?

Fight and jolly well see it through!

Fire away, fire away, soldier man,

Kill all the Germans as fast as you can,

Bomb them and shell them for the sake of old E.,

And come back quite safely to Baby and me.

Old Kaiser Billy he went to the cupboard,

To get little Willie a bun,

But when he got there the cupboard was bare,

And so little Willie had none.

Ride on a tank to Berlin on the Spree,

To see a fine Kaiser ride on a black gee,

With sword in his fingers, and spikes on his toes

He shall have troubles where ever he goes!