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This web site started as a few hundred pages, in 2001, and has expanded to many thousands of pages of information, and an even larger numbers of pictures. Over the years parts of the site are becoming hard for visitors to navigate and there is also a backlog of new information to be added, but this cannot be done without restructuring information that is already on the site. What can be done is limited by the amount of time I can afford to spend at the keyboard!

As a result significant restructuring is needed and this is done on an incremental basis. At any one time there will be pages, or even whole sections of the site where either construction is underway, or a reorganisation is in progress. In other cases I have significant information waiting to go online. 

The following topics or pages have been requested for update and work will be carried out in the next month.

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[Under the current Mothball policy if no one tells me nothing will happen.]

See The Newsletter for reports of work already carried out.


Help Set the Priorities

Priorities are based on the interest visitors show in a topic. If you come to a page where there are "Men at Work" tell me and the appropriate task will be given high priority.