William Brown


William Brown
Auctioneer & Land Surveyor, High Street, Tring

Tring Agricultural Association

Volume for 1877-1881


It is clear that the pages for the entries were prepared before the September meeting, when arrangements of judges, etc., were agreed before the show.

Classes, entries & results for 1877 show (37 classes)
Meeting September 28 1877
Classes, entries & results for 1878 show (41 classes)
Meeting September 20 1878
Meeting September 19 1879
Classes, entries & results for 1879 show (46 classes)
Aide memoir notes?
Meeting May 28 1880
Special General Meeting June 25 1880

Special General Meeting of the Members to reconsider the alteration made at the General Meeting  as to the rule relative to the Limitation of Membership to a ten mile radius of Tring to be measured by the nearest public road.

Classes, entries & results for 1880 show (47 classes)
Duties/judges for show and other notes
Meeting June 3 1881
Meeting September 16 1881
Classes, entries & results for 1881 show (47? classes)
Meeting September 14 1883 [sic] (Possibly rough notes added later on blank page)
Meeting June 23 1882
Meeting September 1 1882
Classes, entries & results for 1882 show (48 classes)
[rough notes & calculations]
"1883" list of new members and details of prizes
Report on the Meeting [=Show] of 1882

The Association held its 41st Meeting on Oct 11th 82. The weather was unprecedently wet and to some extent cause the absence of several head of stock from the Show Yard especially in the pig classes, the pens with a few exceptions being vacant atho' a better entry had been [not] received.

The Sheep Classes were very well filled and were highly commended throughout for the general good quality by the Judges.

The Horned Stock Classes had a very full entry and the quality throughout was pronounced to be very good by the Judges especially the Class for Heifers under 3 years old. These classes like the pigs suffered considerably by the wet weather. The Class for Entrie Horses had but three entries and were not well represented. Also the Class for Mares and Foals, but the Colt and Gelding Classes had a very full entry. The hunters as usual were a weak class.

The Prizes for Roots & Crops were all well contested and a most satisfactory show was experienced.

A more conspicuous number of Farm Servants were entered for the Long Period of employment and the accounts from the results of the lambing prizes was satisfactory.

The Ploughing contest is becoming each year more curtailed and the number of teams entered grow less.

The contest in the Barley Class was very strong.

The Cottage garden produce as usual was largely represented from Wendover and I would strongly recommend that if these prizes are continued they should only be open to competition to servants in the employ of Members.

On the whole the Show would have been one of the most successful yet held but for the weather.

The funds are at present very low and unless new members are enrolled a curtailment of the prize list must be resorted to. Several old members have discontinued their subscriptions on a/c of the unfortunate seasons, and as the prize list has been continually added to, this matter must receive the attention of the meeting.

Meeting February 1883
Notes re prizes, etc.
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