William Brown's

Account Book 1851-8

By Chris Reynolds

Talk given 18th May 2016

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Slide 1

William Brown's

Account Book 1851-8

Slide 2

Outline of the Talk

Slide 3

Setting the Scene

Tring Events before 1850

Slide 4

The Owners & Occupiers of Tring Park

Slide 5

The Brown Family

Slide 6

John R. Glenister, Estate Agent

Slide 7

William Brown Starts Trading

as an estate agent

Slide 8

William Brown's First Advert

Slide 9

William Brown & the Railway Station

Slide 10

The Harcourt Arms, Tring Station

Slide 11

Further Work at the Station

Slide 12

Setting the Scene

Between 1835 & 1850

Slide 13

William Brown in 1851

He starts Account Book C

Slide 14

The First Entry in the Account Book

Slide 15

A Typical Page

dealing with property after a death

Slide 16

The Key Questions

Slide 17

Who was Elizabeth Kingsley?

Slide 18

The Plough Inn (Business)

Slide 19

Selling off the Furniture in the Plough Inn

Slide 20

The Advert in the Bucks Herald

Slide 21

The Coal Business

Slide 22 Mrs Kingsley's Accounts
Slide 23 Where was the Plough Inn?
Slide 24 The Plough Inn, 50 High Street, Tring
Slide 25 The Modern Inn Sign
Slide 26 John Brown & Tring Brewery
Slide 27 Inventories of Public Houses
Slide 28 Sale of The Brickmaker's Arms
Slide 29 Who as at the Brickmaker's Arms in 1851
Slide 30 Selling off Brewery Equipment for John Amsden
Slide 31 Thomas Springwell in Distress
Slide 32 Thomas Springwell's Baker's Shop
Slide 33 ... Creditors paid at 2s 6d in the £
Slide 34 Sale of Tring Grove Estate
Slide 35 Lord Lake's Tring Grove Estate
Slide 36 The Auction
Slide 37 Tring Grove Farm
Slide 38

Entries in the Account Book

Slide 39

Who Brought What?

Slide 40

Some Miscellaneous items

Another Rothschild Reference

Slide 41

Selling Timber

Slide 42

Small amounts of Timber

Slide 43

Arabelle Trees at Wilstone

Slide 44

The Aylesbury Election in 1851

Slide 45 Later Election Accounts
Slide 46 W. Brown's Services at the 1854 Hertfordshire Election
Slide 47 Other Election Expenses
Slide 48 What was Happening at Tring Park?
Slide 49 Rev James Williams of Tring Park
Slide 50 Farm Rents Received
Slide 51 Cottage Rents, July 1856
Slide 52 Property Managed in 1856
Slide 53 Acquiring New Property in 1856
Slide 54 Goods and Services, December 1854
Slide 55 Letting Hastoe House
Slide 56 Making Arrangements to Let Hastoe House
Slide 57 And what happened next ...
Slide 58

The Account Book is Online at