Mardocks House, Wareside, 19th century

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Clare writes: I'm hoping you can help me with identifying a building/location stated on a death cert I have for my gt gt gt grandfather.

Robert Hendry, servant,  age 55, died 17th Sept 1848, Mardocks House, Wareside.

The Manor of Martocks or Mardocks goes back to medieval times. The manor house was near Mardocks Mill and was rebuilt in 1814 by George Proctor. From 1818 to 1824 it was occupied by Sir James Macintosh who was a professor at Haileybury College. In 1826 the manor was sold to Dr Abraham Wilkinson who lived there for a short time before letting it to William Tugwell Robins, solicitor who left in 1835 to be followed by Edward Downs and subsequently by Captain Moorson. Then the house was then unoccupied for some time and was demolished in 1863.

The 1846 Trade Directory for Herts lists Edwards Downs at Mardocks House and the 1841 census gave the following occupants, including Robert Hendry.

Edward Downs Male 46 Solicitor
Philippa Downs Female 40  
Philippa Downs Female 15  
Ann Downs Female 13  
Harietta Downs Female 12  
Frances Foster Female 35 Independent
James Baikie Male 75 Independent
William Pargiter Male 40 Male Servant
Letitia Pargiter Female 50 Female Servant
Robert Hendrey Male 46 Male Servant
John More Male 43 Male Servant
Thomas Copcoat Male 24 Male Servant
Eliza Hart Female 27 Female Servant
Eliza Hart Female 26 Female Servant
Mary Parnell Female 34 Female Servant

The 1851 Trade directory list Captain C R Moorson, R.N. at Mardox House and the 1851 census lists the following household at "Mardox House, Ware"

Isabella Moorson Wife Married 42 Civil Engineers Wife -
Isabella Moorson Daughter Unmarried 18 Daur Cosgrove, Northamptonshire
Charles Moorson Son - 13 Scholar Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Henry Moorson Son - 11 Scholar Worcestershire
Constantine Moorson Son - 9 Scholar Worcestershire
Rosalie Moorson Daughter - 6 Scholar At Home London
Maitland Moorson Son - 4 Scholar At Home London
Letitia Pargiter Servant Married 65 House Serv Wiltshire
Ann Pellew Servant Unmarried 30 House Serv Cosgrove, Northamptonshire
Mary Ann Thatcher Servant Unmarried 23 House Serv Surrey
Emma Hitcock Servant Unmarried 18 House Serv London, Middlesex
Eliza Chapman Servant Unmarried 24 House Serv Ware, Hertfordshire
William Pargiter Servant Married 52 Bailiff & C Thornton, Buckinghamshire
William Rough Servant Unmarried 53 Groom Cornwall
George Green Servant - 16 House Serv Norfolk
John Hunt Servant Unmarried 21 Serv Ware, Hertfordshire

As I have found a reference to Edward Downes being at Mardox House in 1849 and the youngest Moorson children were born in London it is very likely that Robert Hendry died while working for Edward Downs. There is no reference to Robert's death in the Herts Mercury of 23 September 1848, but as a servant his death would not normally have merited a mention.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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