BODDY & HITCH, Buntingford, 1911

October, 2016




Schoolboy murdered in the street at Buntingford

Violent street crime is rare and when it happened in the past it was covered in newspapers all over country. Lisa is researching the Buntingford Tragedy back in 1911 for her father in law (Clive Hitch) as it was his uncle (George Hitch) which was murdered by a Mary Boddy.   She says she has some old news paper copy's of the little boy and his grave and would like to trace the originals of the photos, which will be far clearer.
Does anyone have any ideas as to where such pictures might have survived? The local papers, which may have included the pictures, are not yet on the British Newspaper Archive and even if they were the quality would not be very high.


London Daily News, 18th October 1911


Dundee Chronicle, 21st November, 1911



Question posted on Hertfordshire Genealogy News


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