KNIGHT, William, Barley, early 17th Century

February 2001




PLEASE NOTE: When this question was asked the amount of information available online was very restricted and the only census available (on a CD) was the 1881 census. The answer given below should be carefully checked using the additional information now readily available online.

Edited posting to a query on the old forum - February 2001

Karen Knights (karen.knights @t of Stotfold, Hitchin, is looking for information about William KNIGHT, who was rector at Barley in the first half of the 1600's. He is mentioned in the Dictionary of National Biographies - this is his entry:

KNIGHT, William (A. 1612), divine; fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge; M.A., 1586; incorporated at Oxford, 1603; rector of Barley, afterwards of LITTLE GRANSDON; published theological 'Concordance Axiomatical,' 1610.

As the words you quote are identical to those in The Concise Dictionary of National Biography I suspect that this was your source rather than the complete work. If so the first place to look for William Knight would be the multi-volumed work The Dictionary of National Biography which will give a more complete description and will give the source references used in writing the biography.

I am sure that Hitchin Library has a reasonable Local Studies Section and will probably have a copy of Chauncy and the Victoria County History - and maybe other books which could mention him at Barley. HALS (the county records office at Hertford) will hold parish documents on Barley - hopefully including some from the period he was there - so that is another place to look.

If you search at multimap (or look in any reasonable motoring atlas) you will find there is a Little Gransden in Cambridgeshire - so the Cambridgeshire Records Office would seems the place to look..

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