WELLS, Tring, early 19th century





 Graeme Wells.(gfwells @t axs.com.au) of Frankston, Victoria, Australia is looking for contacts with people related to "Henry Wells (b. 10 May 1815, Tring), son of William Wells (b. circa 1786) and Mary JonesWilliam Wells was the son of John Holt Wells (b. circa 1761) and Ann Kingham (b. circa 1765) (probably of Drayton)".

A check shows that none of the people you mentioned were still alive at the time of the 1851 census for Tring and no-one with the surnames Wells, Kingham or Jones are listed in the 1823 Pigot's Directory - although only a small percentage of the population were listed. However families of those names are present in the area, and when I came to live in Tring in the 1960's there was a shop owned by a Mr Kingham although there is no one of that name currently listed in Tring in the phone directory.

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