Manor of Andrew la Mote, Cheshunt

April 2003

David Yates, of Hammond Street Road,  Cheshunt, Herts, writes: I am looking at the history of my property, but more importantly trying to save a piece of land on Hammond Street Road, Cheshunt.

I have been to HALS and discovered on an old enclosure map of 1799 that the land that is in danger is described as a Parish. Whole title "The Parish of Nicholas Mole" maybe "Nicholo Mote". Cottages opposite the plot are past named 1,2 &3 Holy Cottages and were owned by Sir Charles Fortescue Brickdale. A small Church was said to be located somewhere in the area but I can find no record or history, (apart from St James's which is quite a modern structure (1846)) it might have been just a meeting place. If you have any reference to the Parish of Nicholas Mole I would be grateful.

There is no obvious reference to "The Parish of Nicholas Mole" in the material immediately available to me, and I suspect that it may relate to a medieval foundation. However, in view of your alternative reading I found one possible reference - in the 1882 Kelly's Directory - to the Manor of Andrews and La Motte in Cheshunt.

This suggested a look in the Victoria County History in my local library. (There is probably a copy in the Cheshunt Library Local History Section.)  I found a long and complex account of the ownership of the manor, first referred to as "La Mote" in 1324. It appeared that for a time the manor was split, one half being Andrews. By circa 1690 it original manor was known as Andrewes le Mote, and Chauncy refers to it as "St Andrew le Mott". It seems that Cheshunt Great House (pictured in the VCH) was the manor house. Andrew's Lane is named after the manor, and while I have found no description of the boundaries, the manor may well have stretched up to Hammond Street Road. There was no mention of any early church in the area, or any likely Nicholas.

I am wondering if your "Nicholas" might be a mis-transcription of a hard to read "Andrews" (Ni > An; ch > dr; ola or olo > ew; s = s), but whether it is, or not, it seems likely that the reference you found is to land associated with the manor of "La Mote".

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