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Hertfordshire School Choirs Competition, Ashfield School, Bushey, 1935-8

September, 2003




Reuben Paul Wigmore (mailpw @t of Bitton, South Gloucestershire, writes:  I am trying to pinpoint the year when Mr Brothers, Headmaster, Ashfield School for Boys, Bushey (now Ashfield Junior School) took us - the Ashfield School Boys' Choir - to the Annual Hertfordshire School Choirs Competiton (not sure of the precise title) in St Albans. This competition was normally held in Berkhamsted, I remember, and had to be switched to St Albans that year. We won the competition (as usual) and, because we had won it for many years in succession, were presented with the gift of the Cup. I need to know the year and, if possible, to know where I can find any Press report or pictures.

I assume you have tried to get the information from the school without success, so suggest the following sources.

There is a small but helpful museum and art gallery at Bushey ( and it is possible that the cup ended up there.

The Watford Observer (like a number of others in Hertfordshire) runs a Nostalgia page, and a question to the paper could be published and it might solicit an answer - but you might need  to subscribe to the paper to see what they find (if anything).

As you can tie the date down to 4 years - and presumably have some idea what time of year the competition was held - tracking through microfilms of newspapers is not out of the question, but it is advisable to contact the library to book a microfilm reader if you are visiting:

If you can add to the information given above tell me.