HUNT, Land of Liberty PH, Herongate, Rickmansworth

February, 2004


Carol Peck (tazmedia354 @t of Scamander, Tasmania, Australia, writes: Because of my living in a rural area I am unable to get to any resources at the present time. I have my ancestors moving from Highgate in London to Land of Liberty Inn, Chorleywood, Herts,  and in the 1901 census Robert was a victualler with the youngest of his children still at home I would like to know his date of death and His wife Lydia her maiden name was Foster she was born in Hertfordshire. Robert came from Cratfield Suffolk originally also  any information on the inn and if it is still owned by the hunt family before owning the inn he was a cab proprietor in Highgate London his son and son in law took over the cab business around 1900.

I feel the best I can do is to give you some information on the Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty public house, which includes mentions of the Hunt family. 

In 1846 the community of O'Connorville was established at Herongate, near Rickmansworth, and its story is given in the book The Chartist Land Company, and I have posted information on one of its inhabitants, see POCOCK, O'Connorville, Rickmansworth, 1851. 

The above map from The Chartist Land Company, shows the plots in O'Connorville estate, shows a beer house on the east side of Long Lane, which runs between Maple Cross and The Swillett (now on the edge of Chorleywood). The beer house is the Land of Liberty public house and appears to date from the mid-1850s so may have been built to service the estate. 

Herongate appears not to be listed in earlier trade directories, but in 1875 the parish of Mill End was formed and the following entries from Kelly's Directories for Hertfordshire, refer to Mill End.

1882 Thomas Wheeler, Land of Liberty, Herongate
1886 Frank Sear, Land of Liberty PH, Herongate
1890 George Bone, Land of Liberty P H, Herongate
1912 Robert Hunt, Land of Liberty, The Swillett, Herongate
1922 Robert Hunt, beer retlr. The Swillett, Herongate
1926 Robert Hunt, beer retlr. The Swillett, Herongate
1929 Mrs M. M. Hunt, Land of Liberty, Herongate
1933 Jesse K Cox, Land of Liberty, Herongate
1937 Jesse K Cox, Land of Liberty, Herongate

It is listed in Hertfordshire Inns & Public Houses under Rickmansworth

It is still open and a search (in 2004) using Google found the following on the web site: A great, 'querky' pub (NO rotweilers!!), with a good selection of DRAUGHT and bottled Belgian beers and a landlord (Tim) who is not afraid to move away from the incredibly boring predictable British Pub food menus.  By 2010 it had its own web site,

Address: Long Lane, Heronsgate, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 5BS Tel: 01923 282226

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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