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Hammond Street, Cheshunt, from 1782

July, 2004




Dave Yates (rozhollings @t of Hammond Street writes: I am researching the history of my property, located in Hammondstreet Cheshunt Herts. I have details of the original owner and the build date of the property (1782). The deeds have unfortunately been lost so original documentation is limited. I have however been able to trace all occupiers back to 1840 from tithe map information and census documents. All info from HALS.

Tracking back from 1840 to 1780 I think will be a bit tricky. Knowing now the names of previous occupiers I have the urge to find out more about them, and who they were,  stories from ancestors and /or photo images of early residents of Hammondstreet, and the property itself would be a bonus. My father was a friend of Jack Edwards and Peter Rooke, I am lucky to have a reasonable record of the area and spoke to Peter before his death. I think now I am looking for family information.

Listed are four previous residents.

Joseph Munns b1790ish, Wife Mary maiden name unknown. Lived in Hammondsteet area of Cheshunt up to 1860. Information on children sketchy.

John Eastwick b1812, Wife Mary b1817 Children Emma b1836, Caroline b1841, Ellen b1844. Lived in my property between 1850 to 1890's. Lodging with them during the 1860,s was a Jami Jzzufi (sic). Agnes Prior (Mary Eastwick's Gnd Daugh) lived here with Mary around 1890.

Eliza Chandler (b1834) Widow maiden name unknown. Three children age given in 1861 census: Mary.A Chandler 5. Alice Chandler 4. Clare Chandler 3mnth.Between 1861 & 1871 Married a William Devoil. They had three children, age given in 1871 census: Rachel Devoil 7. Ellen Devoil 5. Ada Devoil 3. The family lived in my property between 1860 and 1892 plus. I know Eliza was a school mistress but would like to know where?

Charles "T" Cooledge (Chas) his wife Florence and son Charles. They were the occupants of my property in 1901. Charles was 32 Florence was 26 Charles the younger was 2 This information is from the 1901 Census. Charles T Cooledge being a resident from 1901 would be of interest as he would have lived through WW1 and photographic memories may exist locally of his family and himself.

If anyone has researched these families or could help in any way I would appreciate it.

Your message induced far too many actual and implied questions for me to consider, but a few comments on 1782-1840 records which may help you to fill in details..

  • It is not clear whether you have exhausted standard genealogy sources such as parish registers - see the help pages on this site for details.
  • Land Tax records exist for the parish of Cheshunt for most of the period
  • Some of the estate maps may help. HALS has one covering Hammonds Street Farm of 1806 - and they may have some other estate papers.
  • I am not sure whether the militia lists survive for Cheshunt after 1780.
  • HALS has very extensive records from the parish chest, listed on the A2A website. (There are 42 microfilms worth accessible worldwide through the LDS Family History Centres!) Many may contain relevant information.
  • A2A also lists some other items that may be relevant. For instance the London Metropolitan Archives holds: "Cheshunt, (co. Hunts); Copy of Court Roll. Admission of Messrs. Johnston and Naylor, trustees and executors of the will of Thomas Jones, gent., deceased, to messuage in Hammond Street and land [described] in the manor of Cheshunt - ref.  ACC/0727/135  - date: 7 June 1808"

These should give you plenty to think about!

November 2011

Dot.(dot_matthews @t of Stevenage writes to say Charles Thomas Cooledge was the brother of my paternal great grandfather.  Are you still looking for info on them?  Was the property "The Rising Sun"?.

I have forwarded the message to Dave, who asked the original question

It is perhaps worth adding that The Rising Sun must be a different property as in the 1901 census the landlord was a 29 year old Alexander J Littlejohn and according to Hertfordshire Inns and Public Houses the pub had been rebuilt in 1897. There were a number of members of the Cooledge family nearby, including a Charles Cooledge who was living in Holy Cottages, Hammond Street.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.