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Flint Hall, Bushey, 1851

March, 2006




Stephanie Hunter (mail @t asked: I am searching for my father's family Charlesworth in Bushey. The 1851 census showed that the family lived at 19 Flint Hall, Bushey, Herts. Where would Flint Hall would have been ?

First have a look at the information on this site describing census returns and you will see that the "19" is not a house number - but the reference number on the schedule (form) for each household.

Next look at the information on Locating Census Addresses on Maps - which shows you how to find where a house was in many cases. 

The following show the description of the enumeration district  which is unusually detailed so you should not have too much difficulty in finding approximately where the cottages were.

All that part of the parish of Bushey which lies north of the road from Watford to Bushey including all the Flint houses, likewise all the cottages and Brick Kiln which lies to the south of the said road within the following boundary:- from two cottages near the Gas House to Flints Hall to Crooked Log to the Brick Kiln to the corner of Merry Hill Lane to the Manor House, Corner of Bushey Lane to Burchells Lodge to the mansion to the cottages and farm in Burness Farm Lane to Meads cottages in Bushey Mill Lane to High cottages Bushey Hall, Bushey Mill to Horns cottages, Little Otterspool all inclusive.

If you also look at the neighbours to your ancestors you will find that the addresses given start at Watford, then Flint Hall, and then Chalk Hill (on modern street maps). The occupations of the neighbours suggests they they were all poor and lived somewhere close to the river in the valley bottom - and it may be that the cottages of Flint Hall have long been demolished as slums..

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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