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Sir Benjamin RAWLING, Lilley, 1775

December, 2010




Val Stuart (vj.stuart @t of Taunton, Somerset. writes: I am interested in the heirs of Sir Benjamin Rawling, who died intestate in 1775 I believe.  I am researching the name CORNEY, and one of the heirs was Sarah Rawling who married Miles Corney.  Ultimately, I would like to place Miles Corney within one of my Corney families, possibly in Cumberland.  I have received papers from the National Archive which proves the relationship between Elizabeth [Nicholson] and Sir Benjamin, but the National Archives have no more information about the other beneficiaries.

You are in luck in that while most county histories say very little, Clutterbuck, in The History of the County of Hertford (1827), actually publishes a pedigree to explain the inheritance, and I can do no better than reproduce it below:

Lord Charles Cavendish sold this property in 1738 to Sir Benjamin Rawling, Knt. He enjoyed this estate from the year 1738 to  his death, on the 2nd of December. 1775, from which time it was possessed by his heirs at law, until the year 1788, when Catherine Corney, spinster, and Sarah, the wife of Dr. William Grieve, were earch of them possessed of one fourth-part, as co-heirs at law of Miles Corney, their father, who was (grandson of Sarah, the aunt of Sir Benjamin Rawling, and ) one of the co-heirs of Sir Benjamin; and Hannah Nicholson, spinster, was possessed of one fourth part, as (one of the granddaughters of Rebecca, another of the aunts of Sir Benjamin, and) another of the coheirs of Sir Benjamin; and Sarah Brockhurst, widow, Elizabeth Smith, Rebecca Arnold, Mary Pearkes, Anne Wainwright, and Susan Pearkes, were each of them possessed of one twenty-fourth part, as being (the six daughters and coheirs of Rebecca, the sister of Hannah Nicholson, and) the other coheirs of Sir Benjamin. And these coheirs, in the year 1788, sold the Manors of Lilly, Poderichebury and Huckwellbury to John Sowerbury, Esq. who in the year 1796 served the office of Sheriff of Hertfordshire and is the present possessor thereof.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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