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There are three graves (highlighted) in the Western corner of Tring Cemetery

See the history of the Vaisey family in Trins

Esther Vaisey

Born 14 January 1850

Died 4th September 1925


Arthur William Vaisey

Born 8th February 1852

Died 22 November 1939


Margaret Vaisey

Born 4th June 1878

Died 7th July 1953


Remember Also

Veronica Vaisey 1883-1962

Lilian Vaisey 1881-1973

Olive Vaisey 1889-1982



Juliana Margaret Vaisey

Born 7th September 1904,

Died 15th April 1958


Harry Bevir Vaisey

Born 22nd June 1877,

Died 24th November 1965

Aileen Vaisey

Died December 23rd

1945 aged 33 Years


Also in memory of her brother

John Roland Maddison Vaisey

Sergeant Pilot R.A.F.V.R., Lost in Action

September 30th 1941, Aged 25 Years


And of their Mother

Violet Vaisey 1885-1980


And of their father

Roland Maddison Vaisey, Captain R.F.A.,

Killed in action 7th September 1918, aged 32 Years

 and buried at Vaulx-Vraucourt, France


In another part of the cemetery


Remember Daniel Christopher Slemeck 1915-1977

and Peggy Crewes Slemeck 1916-2006 Together Again

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