Charles BUTLER, late 19th c,  Warren Wood, Hatfield

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Further to the posting on William Walby. Gamekeeper, I am posting information about his employer, Charles Butler.

Charles Butler, Esq.,

F.R.G.S., J.P., D.L.


ONE of the prominent as well as popular figures in the literary and art, as well as social circles of the County of Hertford, is Mr. Charles Butler, of Warren Wood, Hatfield, who, despite his advanced years, is still hale and hearty as many men half his age.

Born at Finchley in 1821, he has now attained to eighty-six years. A twin, he is the youngest and sole surviving son of the late John L. Butler, Esq., of Southgate, by Henrietta, the daughter of the late Captain W. Patrick. Mr. Butler was educated privately in England and subsequently on the Continent. Attached to reading he has studied literature: ancient and modern. With frequent visits to the Continent, he has increased his love of art, and this enthusiasm the tide of advancing years has not diminished.

Mr. Butler is a Justice of the Peace and a Deputy Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, whilst in 1880 he was honoured by being "pricked" for the position .of High Sheriff of the County.

He married in 1849 Miss Sarah Sophia Walker, the eldest daughter of Isaac A. Walker, Esq., of Southgate, and has, with other issue, Hubert Lavre Butler, late Captain in the Royal Scots Fusiliers, who was born in 1857, and married in 1897 Miss Fanny Agatha Louisa Peel, the daughter of Archibald Peel, Esq., of West Lea, Hertfordshire.

Politically Mr. Butler is a Liberal-Unionist, and has always been a Free Trader and enemy of Protection in any form.

When in London, Mr. Butler resides at his town house, 3, Connaught Place, W.

Hertfordshire Leaders 1907


Warren Wood, Hatfield

Hatfield Series Post Card

Posted 1906

Occupiers of Warren Wood from County Trade Directories


Staff in 1901 Census

1851 Earl of Rosebery, K.T.P.C., Warren Wood

1855 Archibald John, Earl of Rosebery, K,T., P.C.,Warren Wood, Hatfield

1866 Charles Butler, Warren Wood, Hatfield

1878, 1882  Charles Butler, F.R.G.S., J.P. Warren Wood, Hatfield; & 3 Connaught Place, Hyde Park, London W.

1890 Charles Butler, F.R.G.S., D.L., J.P. Warren Wood, Hatfield; & 3 Connaught Place, Hyde Park, London W.

1908 Charles Butler, D.L., J.P. Warren Wood, Essendon

[1910 Charles Butler died, aged 89]

]1912 Capt. Hubert Lavie Butler, Warren Wood, Hatfield

1922, 1933  Capt. Hubert Lavie Butler, J.P., Warren Wood, Hatfield

1937 Patrick John Butler, Warren Wood

HEAD, Edward H Butler
SMITH, Henry T Footman
SAMUELS, Joseph H Footman
FORD, Harriett Cook
MCLAUCHLAN, Bessie Kitchenmaid
PRIDHAM, Minnie Scullerymaid
TURNER, Kate Housemaid
DUNKELMAN, Nora Housemaid
LOW, Hetty Housemaid
STEARNE, Susan A Ladys Maid
WEIGHTMAN, Thomas Coachman
GINGER, Charles Stable Groom
ROGERS, Henry Stable Groom
ASLETT George Gardener
FREEMAN William C Gardener
BRISTOW, Walter Gardener
JONES Harry Gardners Labourer
JONES Herbert Gardners Labourer

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