MAYNARD, Cottered, 19th century


An interesting series of Carte de Visite

January, 2013

George Maynard of Cottered, photographed by Latchmore of Hitchin  

Maria Maynard

photograph by George Avery of Hitchin

No 4074




John Maynard

Photograph by Thomas B Latchmore, of Hitchin

No 12387

  Maria Maynard of Cottered, photograph by Avery of Hitchin

These five carte de visite portraits came in a single lot, and all are named as members of the Maynard family. The backs show they were taken by three different photographers, two from Hitchin and one from Hertford.

A search shows the following family living at Cottered in 1851 which fits the pictures:

MAYNARD, John Head 50 Farmer 223 Acres 11 Men Cottered
MAYNARD, Maria Wife 41 Farmers Wife Hitchin
MAYNARD, Sarah Daughter 19 Farmers Dau Cottered
MAYNARD, Mary Daughter 17 Farmers Dau Cottered
MAYNARD, James Son 10 Scholar Cottered
MAYNARD, William Son 1   Cottered
COX, James Nephew 22 Carpenter Cottered

John Maynard was baptised at Cottered on 11 April, 1799, the son of William and Margaret Maynard. He married Mary Ann Woollatt at Cottered in 1829 but she died in 1839, aged 31, and he married Maria Brown in 1840. He died at Cottered on 4th June, 1876. He is recorded as a farmer in Cottered in the 1841-1871 censuses, being a widower in 1871.

Maria Maynard (nee Brown), born at Hitchin c 1810, married John Maynard in 1840 and died in 1865.

James Maynard was baptised at Cottered on 6th March 1841, the son of John and Maria Maynard. He married Emily Beamiss in 1878.and died at Cottered on 11th January 1895. He and Emily had a large family as shown in the 1891 census

MAYNARD, James Head 1841 Farmer Cottered
MAYNARD, Emily Wife 1855   Cottered
MAYNARD, Agnes Maud Daughter 1879 Scholar Cottered
MAYNARD, Herbert John Son 1881 Scholar Cottered
MAYNARD, Alice Daughter 1884 Scholar Cottered
MAYNARD, Emily Daughter 1885 Scholar Cottered
MAYNARD, Mildred Daughter 1887   Cottered
MAYNARD, Harry Son 1889   Cottered
MAYNARD, Thomas A Son 1891   Cottered
BEAMISS, Annie E Aunt 1839 Living On Own Means Cambridge
BEAMISS, Ernest Brother In Law 1880 Pupil Cottered
WRIGHT, Emma Servant 1872 General Servant Domestic Rushden

John and his son appear to have farmed the Lordship Farm, Cottered, continuously from the 1841 census to James' death in 1895.

William Walter Maynard was baptised at Cottered on 10th March 1850, the son of John and Maria Maynard. In 1861 he was at a boarding school run by Peter Ashton in Melbourn Street, Royston. In 1871 he was back at the Lordship farm with the family, while by 1881 he was was married at Grange Farm, Elmdon, Essex.

Dating the Photographs

T. B, Latchmore took over George Avery's business at Hitchin and appears to have continued the number series.

The picture of Maria (Number 4074) can be no later than 1865 and that of John Maynard (12387) can be no later that 1876. As the one of John (2090) has the lowest this would be the earliest. If one assumes a rate of 1000 plates a year this would suggest James's photograph might have been taken when he came of age in 1862.

  James Maymard of Correred, photographed by George Avery of Hitchin

James Maynard of Cottered

Photographed by George Avery - No 2090

  William Walter Maynard of Cottered

William Walter Maynard

No photographer information


William Walter Maynard of Cottered - photographed bt Elsden of Hertford

The back of the William Walter Maynard CDV is identical to one showing a lady in a crinoline - and almost certainly was taken not later than 1870 - but William's age suggests it was after c1866.  

William Walter Maynard

Photographed by Elsden of Hertford

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