NAGELE, Wig Makers,  St Albans, Herts

July, 2013


St Albans

Bernards Heath

Brenda Wilson (brenda.s.wilson @t writes from St Albans saying : My mother worked in a Wig Factory that I believe was in Bernards Heath. It must have been late 1930 to early 1940's.  Can you help I have tried everything to find out but no luck so far.

The firm must have been H & P Nagele, 49 to 53 Heath Road, Bernards Heath, St Albans. They are listed as "Wig Makers" (the only ones in Hertfordshire) at this address in 1933 and 1937, but not 1929. I have no information for the war period but after the war (in 1949) the occupier of 49 Heath Road was Heath Road Garage, run by Kenneth Staines and H. R. Woollett.

I have not been able to find out more explicitly relating to St Albans but in 1901 Hermann Nagele was a hairdresser's assistant in Lambeth. Ten years later, in 1911, a 30 year old German "Hair Merchant", Hermann Nagele, was living with his wife and two young children in Boston, Lincolnshire, and two years later is referred to as J. H. Nagele & Co, hair merchants of Boston. They were still in Boston in 1919. This is almost certainly the same company, as Joseph Hermann Nagele & Co, who were listed as human hair dealers, of 25 Great Marlborough Street, London W in 1915. It is almost certain that in about 1930 Hermann Nagele set up the factory in Hertfordshire especially as Hermann Nagele, aged 78, died in Barnet in 1959. The Kate Nagele, aged 64, whose death was registered at Hatfield  in 1948 was presumably his wife.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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