Herts Yeomanry ? at an event circa 1905


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 if you can can identify the place or suggest the event.


The back of the card has the pencilled words

"Herts I Y perhaps"

The back's wording suggest 1903/4 or perhaps a little later. I have enlarged the key visual clues.

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Herts at War: Afternoon all, this image was posted on Hertfordshire Genealogy website recently with a request to identify the location. It appears to show men of the Hertfordshire Yeomanry, probably during the Great War. Can you identify the town?...

Paul Isles Stars and Stripes covering the "Railway C***ee Tavern" might suggest 1918 onwards. Lads are sitting on a sign that shows "willis & Willis"?

Terry Ransome It's Railway COFFEE Tavern, a Victorian era temperance movement. Web suggests there were some in Herts, e.g. Hoddesdon, corner of Lord St and High St, and that the Great Western Railway had a chain of them. Presumably they were still going in WW1 times, especially needed perhaps?

Chris Reynolds Back of postcard suggests date circa 1903/4. For larger image see http://www.hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk/.../ans14-028...


A follow up search on Google produced the following information:




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