Training Reserve Battalions

1916 -1918



St Albans

For a detailed description of the Training Reserve Battalions, which were created in September 1916 see The Long, Long Trail


20 Platoon, F Company, 22nd Training Reserve Battalion, at St Albans  

20 Platoon

F Company

22nd T.R.B.


By L. L. Christmas

23 Catherine Street, St Albans



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The 22nd Battalion was formed from the 16th (Reserve) Battalion, the Royal Fusiliers

While the majority of the men have the standard T.R.B. General Service Button on their caps these six men have distinctive cap badges - Can you identify them?

[L. L. Christmas also took a similar picture of 15 Platoon, E Company, 22nd T.R.B.]


Orderlies, 23rd TRB, First World War, PC by Christmas, St Albans


Orderlies, 23rd T.R.B.

published by L. L. Christmas, St Albans


The 23rd Battalion was formed from the 10th (Reserve) Battalion, the Royal Sussex Regiment


As these soldiers are clearly concerned with cooking this was posted here because they might have been on a course at the School of Cookery.

The Training Reserve Battalions were created in September 1916 as part of a significant reorganisation of the infantry reserve battalions. "The TR units dropped the cap badges and shoulder titles of their former regiments and instead wore a large General Service button on a red disc on the cap and the letters TR as a shoulder title. " An examination of the picture shows that one of the soldiers has a "TR" shoulder title. The 23rd Battalion was formed out of the 10th (Reserve) Battalion, the Royal Sussex Regiment, which was based at Shoreham. In May 1917 there was another reorganisation and the Battalion became the 25th Young Soldier Battalion.


What other Training Reserve Battalions trained at St Albans?

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