Joseph Wiles of St Albans, 1816-1903



Joseph Wiles & Son

St Albans &

Clock Stand, Old Corn Exchange, EC &

2 Catherine Court, Seething Lane, London

Telegraphic Addresses:

"Wiles, St Albans"

"Middlings, London"


April 10th, 1900

Exors of the Late Mr W Bancroft of Stotfield


This receipted invoice caught my eye because I wanted to know whether the firm was linked to Wiles & Lewis, of St Albans, and also because there were both St Albans and London addresses. ... and what did the firm sell?

As the timeline shows, Joseph Wiles was the brother of Edward Sutton Wiles. Joseph started in St Albans as a grocer circa 1850 but later became a corn merchant, his son Thomas continuing the business in London.

Both Joseph and his brother Edward S. Wiles are frequently mentioned in local newspapers and only a few early "cuttings" are included in the timeline.


Time Line

1816   Family Tree   Blunham, Bedfordshire   Parents Thomas Wiles & Hannah Sutton. He was the brother of Edward Sutton Wiles, of St Albans
1846   2nd March   Baptist Chapel, St Albans  

A meeting resolved "That in the opinion of this meeting it is much to be regretted that in the town of St Albans there should not exist a school for children conducted on the British system, and that it is highly desirable to attempt the establishment of one, with the greatest promptitude and energy."  As a result of this meeting land was purchased in Spencer Street and Joseph Wiles became the Secretary of the board of trustees.

Day School Education in St Albans.

1848   Herts Mercury   St Albans   On the 6th [September], at the Baptist Chapel, St. Alban's, by the Rev. W. Upton, Mr. Joseph Wiles, to Miss Jane Wright Young, both of St Albans.
1850   Herts Mercury, 2nd February  

Sr Albans Buiscuits, Abernethy, cracknells, Ratafias

1851   Census   Fishpool Street, St Albans   Joseph Wiles (34, born Blunham, Bedfordshire) was a baker  with wife Jane W Wiles (29, born Islington, Middlesex), daughter Jane (1, born St Albans) and two journeyman bakers and a general servant.
1852   Family Tree   St Albans   Daughter Emma born in St Albans 25 August. (Family tree shows her married to William Walter and mother of Edward Wiles Walter in 1877)
1854   Herts Guardian 16 May   St Albans  


The Church Rate Question

The opponents from principle to the church-rate, have in several instances this week, subjected themselves to the loss of some of their goods and chattels. These half politicians, half puritans, and half lawyers in the matter, allowed the officers to walk into their houses, and then fastened up the inner doors, leaving them as they fancied, the choice only to take whatever happened to be in that part of the premises where they were allowed admission. ... ...

Mr. Joseph Wiles, sack of best flour worth 3 5s,, for 9s rate

... ...

1855   Herts Guardian. 10 April   St Albans  

St Albans Easter Sessions

Mary Kent 54, widow charged with stealing 1 cake of the value of 1s the property of Joseph Wiles; also with stealing 1 pair of boots of the value of 11s, the property of Jessie Hulks - pleaded guilty to both charges and sentenced to 3 calendar months hard labour in each case.

1855   Herts Mercury 9 June   St Albans  

The British School

The eighth annual meeting of the friends and supporters of the St Albans British School was held at the Assembly Room, Town Hall. ... It appeared from the report presented by the Rev. W. Upton, on behalf of the secretary, Mr. Joseph Wiles, that 118 children were on the books, and that nearly 100 were generally in attendance.

1859   Newspaper   St Albans  

ST. ALBANS. Union Contracts.

The following are particulars of the current quarterly contracts recently taken to the 25th March.  ... ... Bread and Flour: Joseph Wiles, baker, St Alban's : Bread good seconds, in 41b loaves, per 9s 10d; flour best seconds, per sack 30s. ...

1861   Census   High Street, St Albans   Joseph Wiles (44, born Blunham, Bedfordshire) was a baker & corn dealer employing 2 men, 2 boys, and 1 woman, with wife Jane W Wiles (39, born Clerkenwell, Middlesex), two daughters (Emma, 9, & Elizabeth, 4) and unmarried sister in law Susanna G Young (47, born Clerkenwell), There were two assistants and a house servant
1871   Census   High Street, St Albans   Joseph now described as corn merchant employing 2 men, His wife was Jane Wright Wiles, and the children were Jane (21), Emma (19), Elizabeth (14) and Thomas (9). Susanna was still with them, and there was one domestic servant.
1881   Census   High Street, St Albans   Joseph described as Corn Merchant and son Thomas as a corn merchant's assistant. Also in the house were his wife, daughter Jane, a grandson Edward W Walter (14, born Worthing, Sussex), Susanna and one domestic servant.
1887   Herts Mercury 13 August   St Albans  

Edminson - Wiles. 10th [August]. at St Albans, Fredk. J. Edminson, Mill-hill School, Middlesex, to Bessie, youngest daughter of Joseph Wiles, of St Albans.

1890   Family Tree       Son Thomas married Winifred Alice Cresweller
1891   Census   High Street, St Albans   Joseph described as corn merchant, with wife, daughter Jane, and one domestic servant.
1891   Census   Upper Hornsey Rise, Islington   Thomas Wiles (corn merchant) with wife and servant, living in London
1901   Census   High Street, St Albans   Joseph (84) is still described as a corn merchant but is now a widow. With him are daughter Jane and two servants.
1901   Census   5 Aubrey Road, Kensington   Thomas Wiles (grain merchant) was with wife, 3 children and 3 servants.
1903   Luton Times 16 Dec.   St Albans  

One of the oldest inhabitants of St. Albans, Mr. Joseph Wiles, corn Merchant, has died at the age of 88 years.

1904   Probate   33 High Street, St Albans   Died 4th December
1905   Probate       Probate granted to Thomas Wiles, corn merchant.
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