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Survey of the Royal Manor of Hitchin, 1676

Edited by Bridget Howlett

Hertfordshire Record Society

Published 2000 (ISBN 0 9523779 5 0)




In 1676 a survey was carried out of the tenants and lands of the Manor of Hitchin. The original was written in Latin and this translation, which includes observations made in 1725 and by the current editor. It contains a detailed list of the principal tenants and the actual occupiers, including a summary of the changes. As such it can be considered as a systematic summary of the kind of information found in court rolls. In addition to linking names to properties, including strips in the common fields, it often includes some information on the relationship between the occupier and their predecessor - and this can be of considerable interest to the genealogist. In addition to the text of the survey, and some useful explanations about its background the book includes a map of Hitchin from 1700 and a detailed map showing the open fields fron about 1816.

The best way to illustrate the kind of information the book contains is to give some examples - and this had been done in the form of replies to this text - using as examples some queries asked earlier on this forum.

All in all this is a very valuable reference work for anyone with ancestors who lived in Hitchin in the latter part of the 17th century.

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