The Hertfordshire Record Society


The society reprints valuable historical documents in quality book form with useful introductions explaining the background to the original.



The leaflet put out by the Hertfordshire Record Society reads

Hertfordshire possesses an abundance of historical records of every kind. Many of them have not been easily accessible to interested people: some are in private hands or scattered widely throughout the country, many lack indexes or annotation which would elucidate their contents.

The Hertfordshire Record Society exists to make some of these records more readily available by publishing a regular series of volumes which will be of interest to the general reader and a stimulus and aid to further research into the local history of our county.

The Society has no large endowments and, relies on the combined support, and goodwill of those who love our county and its past.

The annual subscription rate of 17.50 entitles a member to a copy of the latest volume published and an opportunity to purchase, at special or previous membership prices, earlier books in the series.

Non-members pay the full retail price of each book plus postage except for special offer Vols. up to X.

All books published by the Society are casebound with jackets and in the format 242mm x 158mm.

The Society also welcomes sponsors and any individual or firm that contributes 25.00 or more will be enrolled on a list of sponsors in the next volume.

For more information (including an up-to-date list of their available publications) visit their web site at

One book is published every year and the year given below is the membership year, and in some cases publication was delayed.

Volume I (1985)   Tudor Churchwardens' Accounts
Volume II (1986)   Early Stuart Household Accounts
Volume III (1987)   A Professional Hertfordshire Tramp (J. E. Cussans)
Volume IV (1988)   The Salisbury-Balfour Correspondence 1869-1892
Volume V (1989)   The Parish Register and Tithing Book of Thomas Hassall of Amwell
Volume VI (1990)   Cheshunt College, the early years
Volume VII (1991)   St Albans Quarter Session Rolls: 1784-1820
Volume VIII (1992)   The Accounts of Thomas Green, 1742-1790
Volume IX (1993)   St Albans Wills, 1471-1500
Volume X (1994)   Early Churchwardens' Accounts of Bishops Stortford, 1431-1558
Volume XI (1995)   Religion in Hertfordshire 1847-1851
Volume XII (1996)   Muster Books for North and East Hertfordshire 1580-1605
Volume XIII (1997)   Lifestyle and Culture in Hertford... Wills and Inventories, 1660-1725
Volume XIV (1998)   Hertfordshire Lay Subsidy Rolls, 1307 and 1334
Volume XV (1999)   Observations of Weather - The Weather Diary of Sir John Wittewronge of Rothamsted, 1684-1689
Volume XVI (2000)   Survey of the Royal Manor of Hitchin, 1676
Volume XVII (2001)   Garden-making and the Freman Family: A Memoir of Hamels 1713-1733
Volume XVIII (2002)   Two Nineteen-Century Diaries
Volume XIX (2003)   This Little Commonwealth: The Layston Parish Memorandum Book
Volume XX (2004)   Julian Grenfell, soldier & poet: letters and diaries, 1910-1915
Volume XXI, (2005)   The Hellard Almshouses and other Stevenage Charities
Volume XXII (2006)   A Victorian Teenager's Diary: The Diary of Lady Adela Capel of Cassiobury


Volume XXIII (2007) The Impact of the First Civil War on Hertfordshire 1642-47



Volume XXIV (2008) The Diary of Benjamin Woodcock, Master of the Barnet Workhouse, 1836-1838



Volume XXV (2009) Datchworth Tithe Accounts

Publication delayed      

Volume XXVI (2010) The Diary of John Carrington of Bramfield, 1798-1810. Part 1 1798-1804


Volume XXVII (2011) Humphry Repton's Red Books of Panshanger and Tewin Water, 1799-1800


Volume XXVIII (2012) The Receipt Book of Baroness Elizabeth Dimsdale, c1800


In Preparation

Norton Manorial Court Records under the Liberty of St Albans (1244-1539), translated by Peter Foden and an Introduction by the Norton Community Archaeology Group
Weston School Records, 1888-1914, edited by Margaret Ashby et al.
Hertford Gaol records (c.1830-1850), edited by Eileen Wallace



Bryant's Map of Hertfordshire 1822

    Dury & Andrew's Map of Hertfordshire 1766    
    [In preparation] Barnet Tithe Map    

May I add that by joining the Society you support the excellent work done by the Society as well as getting an excellent book, each featuring an important Hertfordshire document. Don't just sit at your terminal and expect others to do all the work - put your hands in your pocket and support the organisations who actually help make the records available.

Locating Books

While some of the books are now out of print  quite a lot of the older ones are available from the Society at 6.00 - which is lower than the price you will pay for second-hand copies

May 2010   Info on latest and proposed publications
June 2010   Datchworth Accounts published
July 2013   brought up to date