Muster Books for North and East Hertfordshire 1580-1605

Edited by Ann J King

Hertfordshire Record Society

1996 [ISBN 0 9523779 1 8]

The Hertfordshire Records Society publishes transcripts of Hertfordshire manuscripts and this volume is number 12 in the series.

This volume contains transcripts of three muster books for the Hundreds of Edwinstree and Odsey, and five neighbouring parishes in the Hundreds of Broadwater and Braughing. They are a rare surviving example of the records kept by a captain of the militia to allow him to be able to call on a body of able-bodied men when required. In addition to containing a considerable amount of information relating to the militia it contains lists of able-bodied civilian men aged between 16 and sixty, from parishes in North and East Hertfordshire. In some case it gives the occupation and in a few cases it mentions the relationship between people. The role of the individual in unit is mentioned, such as "corslets" (a pikeman), "musketeer" and "caliver" (where the musketeer had a longer barrelled gun than the caliver).

The book has a useful introduction explaining the background to the documents, several useful appendices, and a good index.

The following web page contains data extracted from the book.

Inns & Alehouses, Edwinstree Hundred, 1596

There is a web page for Edwintree

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