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A Short History of Berkhamsted

by Percy Birtchnell

1st Edition: Berkhamsted: 1960

2nd Edition: Berkhamsted: 1972

While the books are described as First and Second editions the extent of the revision is such that they are really two different books, by the same author, and drawing on similar material. For instance it is impossible to find any similarity at paragraph level between the two chapters on Berkhamsted Castle - and the Chapter Headings are significantly different. This means that while the Second Edition is an essential reference book on the history of the town, there are a few areas where the First  Edition contains information which is not in the Second. The Chapters of the Second Edition are:

Through the Centuries
Churches and Hospitals
The Parish Chest
The Town's Schools
From Borough to Urban Council
Industries and Crafts
Market, Shops and Inns
River, Road, Canal and Railway
The Common and the Park
In Stuart Times
The Sayer Almshouses
Literary Links
Some Unusual People
Customs and Legends
Local Names
Manorial and Parochial Boundaries

Extract from 1st Edition: Augustus Smith and Berkhamsted Common

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