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Transported beyond the Sea

An Alphabetical Listing of Criminals prosecuted in Hertfordshire who received transportation sentences to Australia 1784-1866

by Ken Griffin

Number 1, 1997

This is a very useful reference work, giving details of all criminals prosecuted in Hertfordshire who received transportation sentences from the Hertfordshire Assizes, Hertfordshire Quarter Sessions, Liberty of St Albans Quarter Sessions, Hertford Borough Sessions and St Albans Borough Sessions between 1784 and 1866. It includes some 200 cases of convictions of outsiders who were convicted in Hertfordshire - but not Hertfordshire people who were convicted outside the County.

The main table gives name, age, place (usually where the crime was committed), year of prosecution, court and sessions, sentence, ship and destination (or what happened to those not transported), type of offence, and detail (there is a separate index of victims).

There is a place index and a ship index which gives the name of the ship, departure and arrival dates, name of captain and surgeon and destination.


Fleet Marriages of Hertfordshire People to 1754

An Alphabetical Index to Grooms and Brides

by Jack Parker

Number 2, 1999

The Fleet Prison, and later taverns, coffee houses, etc., were used for clandestine marriages , and this index records the marriages of some 6500 Hertfordshire people in the surviving registers.

For example on 15th May 1742 Ann Andrews, spinster, of Cheshunt married Thomas Phillips, bachelor, of Cheshunt.

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Hertfordshire Settlement Certificates

An Alphabetical Index

by Ken Garner & Jack Parker

Number 3, 2001

When someone moved to a new parish and was unlikely to become a burden on the parish, the settlement certificate records that the new parish had become his new place of settlement.

For instance on 24 May 1746 James Waller, a bricklayer, changed his place of settlement from Hitchin to Welwyn. (HALS reference D/P53/13/4/035)


Hertfordshire Removal Orders

An Alphabetical Index 

by John Hill

Number 4, 2003

Everyone had a legal place of settlement, and if they were likely to become a burden on the parish in which they were living a removal order was used to return them to their legal place of residence.

For instance the index records that Anne Seabrook (the widow of Thomas),  together with four children, was removed from St Peter's parish, St Albans to Harpenden on 25th May 1713 and gives the HALS reference D/P93/13/5.


Hertfordshire Examinations

An Alphabetical Index 

by John Hill

Number 5, 2004

This complements the previous volume, covering the examinations of the poor as to their place of settlement.

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