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National Index of Parish Registers: Hertfordshire

Non-Conformity in Hertfordshire by William Urwick, 1884

Nonconformity in Hertfordshire by Alan Rushton, 2005

Religion in Hertfordshire 1847-1851

Fleet Marriages of Hertfordshire People to 1754

Church of England

Festalban 77


A History of the Hertfordshire Baptists

With Cheerful Zeal

Bible Truths and Church Errors


Methodism in the city of the Proto-Martyr and the St Albans Circuit

The Dunstable Methodist Circuit


Friends in Bedfordshire and West Hertfordshire

Where God had a People: Quakers in St Albans over Three Hundred Years

The First Hertford Quakers

My Ancestors were Quakers

A Mirror for the Society of Friends: Being the Story of the Hitchin Quakers

Buildings and Church Furniture

[ See also Historic Buildings of Hertfordshire]

Hertfordshire Churches & Other Places of Worship

The Anglo-Saxon Churches of Hertfordshire

The Church Bells of Hertfordshire (1886)

The Church Bells of Hertfordshire  (1992)

British Monumental Brasses

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