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Historic Buildings of Hertfordshire

This page details important reference sources to buildings in Hertfordshire available to me.


An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Hertfordshire

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments

HMSO 1910 (second printing 1911)


Historical Introduction

Schedule A; An Inventory of the Ancient and Historical Monuments in the County of Hertford accredited to a date anterior to 1700, arranged by Parishes

Schedule B; A List of Monuments selected by the Commission as especially worthy of preservation.


Index (very comprehensive - particularly for architectural features)

See Cassiobury for a description of a now demolished major building.


The Buildings of England


by Nikolaus Pevsner

Penguin Books, London: First Edition 1953
Second Edition 1977
Yale University Press: Reprint of Second Edition  2002

This book is part of a very important series which identifies and briefly describes the key historic buildings, including churches, manor houses, etc., in the towns and villages of Hertfordshire. It second edition includes some of the more important 20th century buildings.

For examples of its approach see Croxley Green.


List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest

See online at Images of England

Buildings of special interest are currently listed by English Heritage and copies of the lists are available in Council Planning Departments and major reference libraries.

Some of these plastic bound duplicated A4 reports, issued by the the Department of the Environment and dating from circa 1987, were put up for sale on ebay and I was able to acquire the following copies:


English Houses 1200-1800

The Hertfordshire Evidence

by J. T. Smith, Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England

HMSO, 1992


  1. The nature of the evidence and its interpretation

  2. Medieval manor houses

  3. Late medieval vernacular houses in the countryside

  4. Country and manor houses from the Dissolution to the Civil War

  5. Country Houses of the late 17th century

  6. Vernacular houses from the Dissolution to the end of the 17th century

  7. Eighteenth-century country houses and seats

  8. Medieval towns and town buildings

  9. The growth of the residential town

Locating Books
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