Remember Markyate, Flamstead and Trowley

by Reg. A Nelsey & Rosslyn French

Published by Barracuda Press.
Limited edition of 500 copies, produced in 1986.


 From the Book Jacket

Noone remembered Markyate and its neighbours, Flamstead and Trowley, better or more eloquently than builder and funeral director Reg Nelsey. Now the stories he told about the people and places of yesteryear have been woven into a colourful tapestry of the past. Here is the story of these Hertfordshire villages, a turn-of-the-century description in detail of what was a typical High Street of the time, coupled with a wealth of anecdotes, folk-memories and informed observations.

Here is the dialect of the district, fluent, funny and very much to the point - plus a glossary which unravels some of the terms no longer in use today.

Reg Nelsey's daughter, Rosslyn French, introduces her father's narrative with a brisk but comprehensive scene-setting look at the more distant past of these settlements. She has also collected over 100 splendid pictures of the 'good old days' which enhance the text.

Remember Markyate, Flamstead & Trowley is a veritable feast of recollection, research and irreverent humour, that will entertain villagers and visitors alike, and throw much light on the English country community and its inhabitants of 80 years ago.






Tew a Happy Noo Year


Setting the Scene

Reg Nelsey Writes


The Fire Brigade

Flamstead and Trowley Bottom

My Friend Jack

Folk Law


Trowley Dumplings





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Reg Nelsey was the son of William Nelsey, a builder, funeral director and monumental mason, in the High Street, Markyate. He was born in 1906 and in his old age he wrote down his memories of the area. Following his death his notes were edited by Rosslyn French.

The book contains a good account of the people in the village when he was young, and section's written in dialect. There are also quite a few photographs, and maps of Markyate and Flamstead in 1901. There is a good index which contains a fair number of family names.

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