describing the
and its
Ancient Monuments ...
by N. Salmon
London, 1728


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An important early history of the county, organised by parish with hundred, with information on the historical ownership of manors, while some church monuments are listed for some parishes.

How sad was the lot of Nathaniel Salmon, who printed his history in 1728. Conscience, which makes cowards of some men, constrained him to surrender a modest stipend in the Church and live penuriously by the scrapings and scratchings of his quill pen. So poverty-stricken was this author that he could not even afford an index. Now it is an unpardonable crime to print a history without an index nominum (hanging is too easy, the felon should be drawn and quartered) yet should no lover of Hertfordshire on that account neglect this book. Salmon has a tender regard for the groundling people - those who have "no memorial." He displays a "pleasant curiosity" concerning fish and fishing; and he loves to sit and moralise in the shade of, what he oddly calls, those "glorious vegetables," the oaks and elms and walnut-trees of Hertfordshire. It must have been hard for this lover of nature to die of starvation in a London garret, but better writing-men than he have done the same.

A polite bow to our predecessors  by Reginald Hine.

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