Wormley in History

Dorothy Bushby & William Le Hardy

Staples Press Ltd.1954

Book, 22 * 15 cm, 176 pages, with pictures and map

Wormley Bury in 1816 by John Buckler


Cover of 1977 Edition


It is not clear whether this is just a reprint or whether it includes new material.

I   Early Wormley
II   Wormley before the Dissolution
III   Dissolution to Restoration
IV   The Restoration to the Arrival of the Humes
V   The Humes at Wormley Bury
VI   The Bushbys at Wormley Bury
VII   Life in the Village
VIII   The Village and its Church
IX   Neighbouring Properties
X   Wormley Biography
    Table of Incumbents
    Sketch Plan of Wormley

Wormley Church in 1830 by John Buckler, showing box pews

Up to the time of the 1883 restoration, the church had been equipped with the old 'horse box' type of pew. Great jealousy existed among the parishioners as to their occupation and mention is made to such disputes in the parish registers.

In 1698 we learn that Samuel Harris had the impertinence to enlarge the pew immediately below that in which Sir Benjamin Maddox, of Fernbeds, usually sat 'without the consent either of the parson or of the churchwardens', and a few years after similar trouble arose over the next adjoining pew occupied by Samuel Croft.

In 1783 Sir Abraham Hume erected a new pew on the south side of the nave '12 or 14 feet square' and appropriated another 'adjoining to the reading desk' to himself and his family.

In 1844 all the pews were painted or stained and the floors and 'pavement' repaired where necessary, but in 1853 it was discovered that they were affected by dry-rot and Mr Smith, an architect, was instructed to arrange for new floors to be laid under the pews.

Section of a sketch map of Wormley in 1908

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