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The Book of Watford

A portrait of our town, c1800-1987

J B Nunn

Pageprint (Watford) 

1st Edition, 1987

Hardback Book, 29.5 * 22 cm, 272 pages

  1. Early History

  2. Growing Pains 1771-

  3. "Selling" the Town 1919-

  4. The False Dawn 1918-

  5. The Missing Years 1 1939-1945

  6. The Missing Years 2 1945-1955

  7. Why don't they do something? 1956/7

  8. The Changes Start 1963

  9. Into the Future 1986/7

A sample extract is given on The Silk Mills of Hertfordshire

There is a web page for Watford

The Book of Watford

A portrait of our town, 

J B Nunn

2nd Edition, 2003

Hardback Book, 29.5 * 22 cm, 448 pages

The first edition was an excellent introduction to the town - and the second edition is greatly extended and improved, with colour as well as black and white photographs. An essential buy for anyone interested in the history of Watford.

  1. The Pot Boilers and Early History

  2. Cholera and the Board of Health

  3. Stirrings of Industry

  4. 'Selling' the Town

  5. 1914-1919

  6. The False Dawn, 1920

  7. The Missing Years 1939-1945

  8. Picking up the pieces

  9. 'Chaos' dictates earlier measures

  10. The High Street, Bank to Arches

  11. The High Street, Oxhey Park to Town Hall

  12. Mars 1 and Watford Springs - Maxwell and Rolls Royce

  13. Plans, old and New

  14. Contemplation and caring

NOTE: The second edition is very different to the first edition, and any reference to material in these books should make it clear which edition is being referred to.

Bob Nunn is also the author of Watford Past

Donated review copy (2nd edition) 

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Both Editions available on internet at the time of posting this page

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