Illustrations from the book

See 1902 Report



Its Church and History

I. Vincent Bullard (vicar)

Sir Edgar R. S. Sebright

Edmund Farley Cobb



A useful source book with detailed history note and a good description of the church - which was in urgent need of repair - see 1902 Report.

Some inscriptions in verse in the church, recorded in the book

At this seate's end

     in the middle alley

there lieth buried

     John Pace of the valley.

ao 1596   June xiiij

Within this pier

     where bricks at laide

there lies buried

     a virgin maide

Ffrauncys Cordell

     was hir name

she lived and died

     in godlye fame.

ao 1597   June vij



In the middle space

     and at this seat's end

There lieth buried

     our neighbore friend

olde John Grigge

     of Cheverills end.

ao 1598 April 15




Flamstead Parish History

  1. Early History

  2. From the Formation of the Parish

  3. The Nunnery at Beechwood

  4. Parish History Continued

  5. The Chantry in Flamstead Church

  6. Cardinal Pole's Book

  7. Flamstead and Thornton Abbey

  8. The Register

  9. Biographical Notes

  10. List of Parish Priests

  11. The Church Plate

  12. The Sebright Family, by Sir Edgar Sebright

Flamstead Church Architecture and Present Needs

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