The Witches of Hertfordshire

by Simon Walker

Tempus, 2004, ISBN 0 7524 3203 6

Paperback, 23.5*16.5 cm, 224 pages, many line drawings


"From the earliest of times, ritual and superstition have been part of the lives of people everywhere. This book looks at the myths and legends that have grown up around the subject of witches and examines in detail cases of witchcraft that have been recorded over the centuries in Hertfordshire. The account begins with an introduction to the whole subject of magic, sorcery and the occult through the ages and includes discussion of phenomena such as cunning folk, werewolves, familiars, appearances of the Devil and the archaeology of superstition and magic. Hertfordshire court records and a variety of contemporary accounts are examined to throw light on local witchcraft stories and other related incidents and dark doings."

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