Books on Hertfordshire

Nonconformity in Herts

William Urwick

Hazel, Watson & Viney, 1884

Part 1 - Nonconforming Worthies of St Albans

This consists of biographical data on Alban of Verulam, John Balle, William Grindecobbe, George Tankerfield, Sir Nicholas and Lady Ann Bacon, Robert Johnson, William Dyke, Percival Wyborn, John Geree, Job Tookey, Richard Roberts, Nathaniel Partridge, William Haworth, Dr Edmund Stanton, Dr Jonathan Grew, Dr Samuel Clark, Jabez Hirons, Samuel Burden, George Browne, John Harris, William Upton.

Part 2 - Memorials of Protestantism and Nonconformity in the County of Hertford

This looks at each hundred in turn, and each parish within the hundred. The account for individual places is often surprisingly detailed.


These include a number of useful lists such as the places registered for religious worship for protestant dissenters, Archdeaconry of St Albans, 1783-1850.

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