Rickmansworth and Chorleywood

in old picture postcards

Dennis F. Edwards

European Library - 1987

ISBN 90-288-3494-x

A typical formula book with one postcard per page, each with a brief description.

Sample Pictures


32. The Opening of the Metropolitan Railway in 1887 heralded a new era in the town's history. The early trains were hauled by Beyer Peacock condensing tank engines that had been built for service on the steam underground. At first they worked to the wilds of the Chilterns without protective cabs for the crews. This is locomotive 45 (built 1870). In the first month of operation 262 return tickets were sold from London to Rickmansworth - a fairly good number considering the remoteness of the town.

41. When war broke out in August 1914, the grounds of Rickmansworth Park, like those of many other local country estates, were used for military camps. Here are the troops of the Royal Artillery in 1915.



61. Tollgate Cottage was built in 1887 and for a time was the home of Sir George and Lady Alaxander. He was a theatrical producer and presented many of Oscar Wilde's plays. The great architect Edwin Lutyens [see amendment] built them a new house nearby - The Court.

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