The Character of Redbourn

 Geoff Webb

The Campfield Press


ISBN  0 9509138 2 0


A collection of photographs organised under the headings; Families; The Village at Work; Infants School; Girls School; Boys School; Weddings; Cricket Club; Football Club; Familiar Faces Past and Present; Events and Happenings; A Day at the Seaside; Redbourn Remembered.


This is an unusual and particularly useful collection of local photographs in that most of the pictures are of individual people or groups AND in nearly every case some or all of the people in the pictures are named. Unfortunately there is no index.


This book continues the collection started in

Redbourn Memories


Tabernacle Anniversary, Crown Street, c. 1910.

Only names known are rear left, Ted Peck, 4th from his left is Miss Davies, two from her left is Alice Pratt. The next young lady is May Peck. Bearded gentleman on extreme right is Mr. Osborn, while the gentleman on the extreme left is Amos Brewer. Two sisters on Mr. Brewer's left are Liz and Rose Holt. Young lady in same row with head turned is Doll Peck, while her two sisters Beatrice and Gladys are in the front row on the extreme right. Alice Bradshaw has a wide black hat in second row from back.

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